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On 27 June, 2018, C. H. Beck Publishing in cooperation with SCC, published the publication Criminal Liability of a Legal Entity and its Prosecution. For our association, Ľubica Vandáková and Ivan Skaloš participated in its preparation as members of the authors' team. The purpose of this publication is to provide guidance and a comprehensive interpretation of the Institute of Criminal Liability of Legal Professionals of the Professional Public, so that all affected persons can apply and use this institute. Therefore, it was conceived in a way that provides multiple views - substantive, procedural, legal, but also legal entity view, the building of the internal control environment and Compliance of the program helps to avoid criminal liability.

GDPR workshop

On May 24 - 25, 2018, a GDPR workshop was held at the Sebastián Hotel in Modra. More than 50 participants participated. You can find the workshop program by clicking on MORE.

Articles on Compliance

SCC has been involved in the Challenge of Business: We stand behind the brave one. Click MORE to see companion videos.

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