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Advisory board

The role of Advisory board is to provide counsel and support to SCC strategy and operations.

Advisory board members:

Anna Lašáková

Comenius university in Bratislava, Faculty of management

Anna Lašáková works currently at the Faculty of Management at Comenius University in Bratislava. She teaches Organizational Behavior, Expatriate Management, Introduction to HRM, Leadership, Managerial Ethics, Business Ethics in HRM, and Corporate Codes of Ethics. As for her research activities, she focuses mainly on the intercultural management, leadership and managerial ethics. Besides her Slovak teaching experiences, she served as a guest lecturer also at universities in Germany, Poland, and Romania. She has worked in several research projects, both in Slovak as well as international scientific teams.

Why do I consider the SCC an important initiative? 

"I regard the cooperation with the SCC as a unique opportunity for the convergence of science and praxis in Slovakia. Benefits of our cooperation can be utilized by the students for whom SCC members prepare presentations, by the academics who receive more space for their research in companies that are members of the SCC, as well as the managers of companies associated in SCC, who can draw on the unique expertise of scientists for the purpose of the ethical development of their businesses. The motto of the SCC fully describes the reasons for which we seek to develop and train our students, the prospective managers, in business ethics at the Faculty of Management, Comenius University in Bratislava. I am fully convinced that both the promotion of the principles of business ethics and the creation of a transparent business environment are absolutely necessary for a sustainable future of our society.


Ján Kováč

Reporter for Trend

"As a journalist, I mostly deal with businessmen who do not want me to deal with them. I write about oligarchs, concealed owners behind shell companies and state contracts. I am oriented mainly on construction and energy sector. My current job is a reporer of economic weekly TREND. Before, I worked for Hospodarske noviny at various positions."

Why do I consider the SCC an important initiative? 

"SCC can bring more fairness and transparency into business. Being a member of Advisory Board, I perceive as a chance to contribute towards it."