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SCC members take part in variety of activities according to their own preference and capabilities. The activities reflect priorities set by SCC members where each member expresses his opinion on which activity should be pursued. The range of activities is expected to grow with increasing member base.

Currently there are following activities:

  • Preparation of the serie of club workshops on GDPR topics
  • Working with young generation - presentation at the universities
  • Survey 2018 - Perceptions of Business Ethics in the Slovak Business Environment. Four years later, the association decided to carry out the same survey as in 2014. The purpose of the survey is to find out how the perceptions of business ethics have changed and where they have shifted. The results of the survey were presented at the Slovak Compliance Days 2018 conference
  • Preperation and sharing of best practices, preparation of Slovak compliance standards
  • Participation in the initiative Rule of Law
  • Presentation of SCC
  • Marketing (for internal needs of SCC)

See the sections for details.

If you are an SCC member and wish to participate in either activity, please contact our General Secretary.
If you are not an SCC member yet you still wish to support us with either activity, or you have a suggestion for us, please fill in our Form.