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Rule of Law

The business community became united to say its view on issues related to the functioning of Slovakia as a country ruled by law. The aim is to professionally and objectively respond to the worsening state of judiciary,  the high level of corruption and its tolerance and the legislative process which lacks transparency and predictability.

Working groups comprised of experts prepare a set of recommendations to help build "the rule of law" in Slovakia.

Main areas of the initiative:

  1. Transparency and predictability of the legislative process
  2. Corruption as Harmful Factor for "Brand Slovakia"
  3. Transparent and Efficient Judiciary as a Key Feature for Potential Investors

The Slovak Compliance Circle has joined this initiative in the area Corruption as negative and Harmful Factor for “Brand Slovakia”.

Slovakia has long been among the countries with the highest levels of perceived corruption, which has a major impact on business costs, negatively affects “brand Slovakia“ and discourages potential investors. This business initiative therefore identifies barriers to business that create the oportunity for corruption. At the same time in this direction will lead the campaign towards the inside of the business sector as well as towards the public to show the consequences of corruption in the everyday life of people.

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