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Cyber security

At this year’s last workshop, we will talk about a very current topic – cyber attacks and their types. We will also talk about increasing security awareness, or how to educate employees and how to defend against cyber attacks. During the workshop you will see several examples and practical demonstrations. The workshop will be held […]


Memorandum of mutual cooperation between British Chamber of Commerce in the Slovak republic and Slovak Compliance Circle

We greatly appreciate the signing of the Memorandum of mutual cooperation between the British Chamber of Commerce in the Slovak Republic and the Slovak Compliance Circle. In addition to the development of the membership base, the basic pillars of the Slovak Compliance Circle include cooperation with other important representatives of the business sector in Slovakia. […]


Slovak Compliance Standards publication

The publication Slovak Compliance Standards has seen the light of day and we are very pleased to be able to present it to you. It has been written for several years, almost since the establishment of our association, because SCC, as one of its goals at the beginning of its existence, has set itself the […]


Three lectures at the Faculty of Law of Comenius University in Bratislava

After a short break caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we returned to the Faculty of Law of Comenius University in Bratislava and had the opportunity to lecture on the subject of Legal Ethics for future lawyers. We really enjoyed it together. Ethical business has been a central theme of our three lectures. We talked about […]

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The Slovak Compliance Circle has evolved as a response to the sentiment in the Slovak business field in respect of the level of ethical conduct generally applied and accepted in the Slovak business market.

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