Adherence to transparent rules is an absolute priority not only iin business

I am convinced that a quality business environment, as the basis of the economy, requires the adoption and constant improvement of uniform and transparent rules. International standards as well as constantly evolving national legislation are a good basis for their application. The SCC is an entity whose members are major national and multinational companies that respect the principles of “good corporate governance” and apply internal rules of “compliance.” In my work in the legal sector, I had the opportunity to co-create such rules for some clients of the law firm, but also to be part of the relevant legislative processes. I believe that through the SCC I will be able to continue to contribute to developments in this area, both in the professional discussion and organization of professional events within the association, as well as by presenting new ideas in this area in the legislative process. Modern legislation and the application and development of appropriate “compliance” principles and mechanisms in the widest possible range of business entities contribute to narrowing the scope for anti-social activities, which at the end of the day is one of the prerequisites for improving the business environment, increasing economic growth and thus living standards all of us. I would like to state that the SCC association is an important part of this process in the Slovak business environment.

JUDr. Martin Jacko

Lansky, Ganzger & Partner