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Slovak compliance standards

At Slovak Compliance Circle, we are aware of our obligation to provide the Slovak business environment with guidance on how to do business ethically and at the same time in a long-term sustainable way. As stated in the association’s objectives, we have begun to address this issue in the form of mutual sharing of practical experience, but over time we have come to the conclusion that this sharing must be able to reach entrepreneurs who are not yet working on compliance. At the same time, we believe that a part of sharing best practice is the development of a form of generally accepted standard for compliance based on international standards but also taking into account the legal and cultural specifics of the Slovak business environment.

In line with the agreed strategy for the gradual creation and publication of standards using the expertise of SCC members, a working group set up for this purpose started to create the framework document Slovak Compliance Standards – a framework for responsible business. Its aim is to provide and publish by the end of 2021 a basic overview of the compliance structure of a Slovak company in its six basic elements:

  • Culture compliance – culture of ethics
  • Risk compliance assessment
  • Compliance rules and procedures
  • Compliance organization
  • Communication, training and education
  • Continuous surveillance and correct response.

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