10th Anniversary of the Slovak Compliance Circle

10 years ago, we founded the Slovak Compliance Circle with the vision that the association would serve as a platform for sharing experience with the development of ethics in the business environment and that we would bring the profession of compliance officer and business ethics into the awareness of students. 10 years of our activity has been about a number of discussions, lectures, presentations, events and initiatives that we have launched or in which we have been involved as an association in order to fulfill our vision.

But those 10 years were mostly about people. Not only professionals from the membership base, who led the association in the board teams, but also about other active members and external partners who were part of individual activities. An important part was all our guests at the events who gave us feedback and for whom we implement our activities. We also do not forget the students who were worth our experience and gave us a closer look at the younger generation.

And so we can say that our biggest success is that we have created a strong community.

And it was the community dimension that resonated most strongly when we gathered together on 15 November 2023 to celebrate this important milestone of ours. We are glad that our invitation was also accepted by external guests – Mrs. Prof. PhDr. Anna Remišová, CSc., who was at the beginning of our activities on campus, and Mgr. Zuzana Dlugošová, chairwoman of the Whistleblowers Protection Office, with which our association also closely cooperates.

What we all hope for: that the next 10 years of SCC activity will also be successful and that it will leave a positive mark on the Slovak business environment.