Lecture at the FHI EU BA in Bratislava

At the beginning of March, we presented ethics as a business concept to the students of the Faculty of Economic Informatics at the University of Economics in Bratislava and compared ethics and law as systems. The students were given a genius crash course on corporate social responsibility and were introduced to its four pillars. We also talked about ESG and its relationship to corporate social responsibility. We also focused on the classification of mutual funds from the point of view of ESG topics. We approached socially responsible investing in practice from the perspective of investors – the historical performance of ESG investments, the growing demand for ESG solutions and the growing support of ESG from governments and central banks. We also introduced students to the perception of climate risk and its impact on the value of portfolios. At the end, we had a short ESG quiz and a space for students’ questions and answers.

The students were lectured by our members from Asset Management Slovenská sporiteľna, Eva Kianicová and Tibor Baniar