Slovak Compliance Standards publication

The publication Slovak Compliance Standards has seen the light of day and we are very pleased to be able to present it to you. It has been written for several years, almost since the establishment of our association, because SCC, as one of its goals at the beginning of its existence, has set itself the goal of sharing experience in the field of compliance within the Slovak business environment. And we are trying to achieve this goal. The publication is a joint work of experts from the ranks of members and supporters of the association with long-term experience. During the joint meetings for this publication, we confronted each other’s experiences, proven practices, but also mistakes that we did not avoid in our work. The publication, in its final form, rarely combines expertise in various areas of compliance, strategic corporate governance, risk management, as well as legal matters and regulation, and brings together perspectives and experiences from multiple sectors and industries. The reader will gain best practice in the implementation of individual components of a functional and effective Compliance Management System in the Slovak business environment, pointing out the principles, examples and possible pitfalls. We are glad that we managed to publish the book and we hope that you will be interested and will enjoy the reading.

If you are interested in a printed version or an ebook, please contact us on email address