War conflict in Ukraine

Colleagues, friends,

we have all been unexpectedly affected by the war in Ukraine, which has recently erupted in the territory of a free democratic country. Our association expresses its solidarity with all the people who are directly threatened by the war, as well as with all those who are actively involved in defending the country and helping to bring peace. Our members are actively involved in humanitarian activities and thus contribute to mitigating the effects of the war in Ukraine, through financial assistance to various organizations (Slovenský Červený kríž, Človek v ohrození, Slovenská katolícka charita, Nadácia Pontis), material assistance by providing motor vehicles, fuel cards, hygiene packages, medical devices, clothing and accommodation facilities. They also provide free legal aid to employers planning to employ refugees, as well as several free banking services for refugees from Ukraine. Several members carry out volunteer activities aimed at integrating refugees in Slovakia and employee collections to help.

In this difficult situation, we very much appreciate your solidarity and the help you have given, are giving or you decide to give.