Regulation of autonomous vehicles in the European Union and the Slovak Republic

The White Paper is the result of research within the framework of a joint project between the Comenius University in Bratislava, the Faculty of Law and the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava, the Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies and the Faculty of Engineering.

This publication offers an insight into the regulation of autonomous vehicles from the point of view of literature and legislation, and at the same time presents the authors’ opinions on some regulatory issues. The white paper is an expert report that can be used by researchers as well as policy makers and legal standards in the regulation of autonomous vehicles.

In the Slovak Compliance Circle, we consider this publication to be significant in terms of its theoretical as well as practical applicability in the automotive sector and in the technology sector. It is very important that the team of authors led by doc. JUDr. Jozef Andraško, PhD. (vice dean for IT, mass media communication and public relations and director of the Institute of Information Technology Law and Intellectual Property Law), are dedicated to this topic in Slovakia and thus offer the opportunity to the professional community in Slovakia to keep up with EU legislation and modern technologies.

The publication in Slovak language is available here.

More information you can find at this link.