Cooperation with students

We are very pleased with the interest of young people in compliance and the topics associated with it. Whether students of Slovak or foreign universities, we are very happy to cooperate with them. Simona Juríková, a student at the University of Vienna, contacted us last. The association gave her several interviews that she could use in writing her dissertation entitled „Protection of Whistleblowers in Organizational Whistleblowing Systems.”

Why did Simonka deal with this topic?

“In recent years, whistleblowing has become an important topic for modern international societies. Studies show that effective mechanisms for reporting unethical or anti-social behavior contribute positively to the spread of ethical behavior in organizations. As part of my dissertationProtection of Whistleblowers in Organizational Whistleblowing Systems”, I researched the different approaches of international organizations to the issue of internal whistleblowing and the level of protection of employees under these schemes in the context of the new EU Whistleblower Protection Directive, which entered into force in December 2021. As the dissemination of ethical awareness and transparency within the business environment is one of the issues of the SCC, I approached Mrs. Bairová with a request to collaborate on my empirical research. From a wide network of SCC members, I subsequently managed to get several interviews with compliance experts from the environment of international companies, which significantly enriched my work.”

We wish Simona good luck and success, not only in the world of compliance.