Presentations at the Faculty of Economic Informatics

On 13 April 13 2021, we started a series of lectures to students and doctoral students of the Faculty of Economics Informatics of the University of Economics in Bratislava. As the first topic, we introduced the topic of Business Ethics and Compliance. The lecture was attended by 82 students who also showed great interest in the virtual space and asked relevant questions. The lecture was very dynamic. Lecturer was Ján Vittek from Tatra banka.

The second lecture took place on April 20 on the topic of Ethical Dilemmas, which was introduced to students by Martin Podkonický from Jaguar Land Rover. It was attended by about 70 students. An interesting discussion about ethical dilemmas also developed, where students asked questions and expressed their opinions on the topic.

The third lecture took place on 27 April and its topic was Ethical Education. Martin Sasinek from Mercedes-Benz introduced this topic to the students.

The last lecture was given in cooperation with KPMG Slovakia and took place on 29 April. The lecturers were Lygia Fullbrook, Michal Maxim and Pavol Adamec from KPMG. They introduced to the students the topic Why companies should strive for sustainability. During the lecture, they focused on several areas of responsible business and the forms in which companies demonstrate that they are in line with the requirements of responsible business. They also talked to students about a survey that KPMG had conducted in this area.