Workshop at The Whistleblower Protection Office

On 11 November 2021, a workshop of our association was held with the team of the newly established The Whistleblower Protection Office led by Zuzana Dlugošová.

Sharing compliance experience is one of SCC’s key goals and we are happy to take this opportunity out of the business environment. All the more so as the protection of the whistleblower of anti-social activities is a sensitive, fragile and at the same time very important mechanism for Slovak society to purify itself more effectively from unethical conduct.

At the meeting, the Office’s team was mainly interested in the way in which Slovak companies dealt with the implementation of the Whistleblower Protection Act. In the open discussion, we focused not only on the technical infrastructure and organizational security. We talked a lot about how to investigate various complaints internally, as well as about possible pitfalls in ensuring whistleblower protection. We also looked at the extent to which reporting tools are used and the question of how employee confidence can be gained in practice so that they are not afraid to use the tool.