9th Annual Slovak Compliance Days 2024 conference

On May 14 and 15, 2024, the 9th annual Slovak Compliance Days 2024 conference was held at the AC Hotel Marriott Bratislava. The main theme of the conference was COMPLIANCE CHALLENGES IN THE V4 REGION. WHAT CAN WE LEARN FROM EACH OTHER?

This year we enjoyed a record attendance of almost 140 participants and 52 domestic and foreign speakers, who together created an amazing atmosphere. We thank you!

The topics of the conference covered almost everything current from the compliance agenda. An introductory panel discussion with members of the SCC board of directors opened the event and was followed by a discussion on the future of climate neutrality in the V4 region – how the area of ​​compliance can support companies in achieving goals and improving resilience to climate change, moderated by Michal Maxim from KPMG. We were introduced to the world of AI regulation by Martina Gavalec from CMS, where we went through EU digital and AI regulation with her guests. In the following parallel blocks, we covered the topics of the development of crime in economic activity, the development of criminal liability of legal entities and the application of compliance standards in individual V4 countries with guests Jitka Logesová from Wolf Theiss. Panel discussion guests of Lygia Fulbrook from KPMG discussed the transformation of the work environment in the digital age, practical aspects of internal investigation were brought by Soňa Hanková and Oliver Werner from CMS, and the ethical management of people was very interestingly presented by Lucia Rosiarová from Swiss Re with her guests.

In the afternoon blocks, we addressed ESG in the financial sector with Rudolf Pfeffer from Wolf Theiss, the successful implementation of the compliance program was presented by Silvia Kodýdek Marušinová, Oliver Waczulík and Marek Frecer, all three from PwC. The fight for talent and the import of labor from abroad was discussed by the guests of Peter Bianchi from Volkswagen, and Martin Jacko from Lansky, Ganzger, Jacko & Partner presented new categories of cyber attacks and options for a safer digital future with his guests.

After a full day of the program, more than 50 conference participants met for a musical evening with great music and refreshments.

The second day of the conference started with lectures in parallel blocks, in which we learned from Jakub Berthoty from Dagital Legal about the new generation of EU regulations for data protection and people’s privacy. Marek Kordík from the Law Faculty of the Comenius University in Bratislava spoke about the current trends and ways of obtaining funds in a fraudulent way in the context of the V4 countries. We continued with panel discussions on the topics of top trends in the fight against financial crime with guests of Dominika Trestenská from Swiss Re, and Martin Jacko from Lansky, Ganzger, Jacko & Partner with his guests brought up money laundering in practice in the context of the new AML legislation of the European Union.

The final program of the conference began with a panel discussion on the topic of doing business in the V4 countries: what the geopolitical and regulatory changes of recent years have given and taken away from companies, and what they still need to prepare for, prepared by Mirka Remenárová from BritCham. The penultimate, very dynamic discussion with Michal Vašečka, Lászlo Trautmann and Martin Jacko brought a sometimes very cheerful view of geopolitical pressure, and the conference closed for the fourth time with a moderated discussion with Zuzana Kovačič Hanzelová and social anthropologist Juraj Buzalka.

We thank all the participants and speakers for the excellent atmosphere and we are already looking forward to seeing you at the next year’s conference.

The 10th annual conference SLOVAK COMPLIANE DAYS 2025 awaits us next year!

Program of the Slovak Compliance Days 2024 you can find here.

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