Digital Ethics

Digital technologies are fundamentally changing the world and the society in which we live. However, in addition to their undeniable contribution, we are increasingly asking questions that go beyond their technical side. We are aware that the existing regulation only sets the basic guidelines and does not solve all the problems that society has to deal with. The credibility of the technological tools with which we come into contact thus becomes an important topic.

In the Digital Ethics workshop, we will reflect, that thinking about the ethical issues of digital technologies should play an important role in our world. Based on experience, we will show how, through professional ethical assessment, it is possible to deal with the specific moral dilemmas that research, development and deployment of these systems bring. And we will answer the question in what situations the cooperation of philosophers, lawyers and engineers can bring solutions that, in addition to technological excellence, can also respond sensitively to social and ethical issues.

The workshop will be in Slovak language.

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