SCD 2021 – Sustainability and integrity management of a modern organization – spring 2022

Why is integrity management so important and why is it gradually becoming the topic no. 1 of modern organizations? Do we know what greenwashing is and how companies use it? Where are the boundaries of eco marketing? The green economy and the financing of green projects is trending. It will be interesting to look at sustainability not only from the point of view of urban planners, developers, but also from the point of view of fulfilling the obligations of the Slovak Republic. The discussion will also be enriched by the view of the automotive industry and its reactions to the demands of today, and how is regulation actually prepared for the mobility of the 21st century? The arrival of 5G telecommunication networks is already here and various misinformations are connected with it. The long-awaited Whistleblower Protection Office has been in office for several months. Its President will tell us more about how it works. You can look forward to an interesting guest in a moderated discussion with Zuzana Kovačič Hanzelová.

Together we will look at the challenges of the 21st century through the perspective of compliance managers. We have prepared interesting topics and attractive panel discussions for you. Accept our invitation to the 7th annual Slovak Compliance Days 2021 conference.

The conference program will be divided into two parallel blocks enriched with discussion forums. You can also look forward to an attractive evening program “entertainment casino”.

Information on the new conference date, program, registration and registration fee will be specified.

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