Slovak Compliance Days 2019

The 6th Annual Conference Slovak Compliance Days conference was held on 11-12 November 2019 in Bratislava. The main topic was „The Individual at the compliance center“. The conference was attended by 136 participants and 27 lecturers and moderators. It was managed to combine the practical experience of compliance officers with human resource managers to focus on the individual as a decisive factor in the success of the organization. The main topis of the conference were:

The conference was opened by SCC Chairman Ivan Skaloš. The charismatic Nima Motazed from Swiss Re then gave the top manager insight into effectively managing and adhering to the principles of integrity and compliance, linking human capital to building a successful brand. Among the interesting blocks of the conference were speakers who talked about the synergies between the brand and human capital management. Several perspectives were presented on the link between the organization and the employee, the establishment of criteria for the selection of suitable managers as well as tools for detecting fraudulent practices in the labor market. This is just a selection of the countless topics that were offered to conference participants. Special attention was also paid to professional topics, such as conflict of interest or limitation of labor relations of top managers. Following the central theme “Individual in the compliance center”, it was also succeeded to bring non-traditional views on the issue. One of the interesting inputs at the conference was the contribution of Peter Dedík from the Slovak Football Association. The conference also brought a rich participation of international speakers such as Silvija Vig, Joppe Jansen, Jimmy Helm and Nima Motazed. Each year of the conference represents a unique opportunity to share not only with the members of the association, but with all participants of this event the most interesting from the area of ​​compliance. Every year the association pays attention to the selection of topics and interesting speakers. Among the most interesting moments of the conference is certainly a moderated discussion with former Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic, Mikuláš Dzurinda, who did not resist to answer well-directed questions moderator. Also an informal program was prepared for participants in the first day of the conference, mainly pub quiz, stand up comedy and a meeting in the restaurant.

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